Individual Communication Systems

17 Feb

I have a lot of people asking me about radios and communications so I figured I’d put something together that I hope will help you in setting up your com system. What I’m going to focus on here is a system that you would use to operate in a group of about 12 or so individuals with a reliable range of up to 20 miles depending on terrain. There’s a lot of good radio equipment out on the market today but this is what I recommend.


First off we’ll start out with the radio; I use a Yaesu VX6R. This is a small handheld HAM radio that operates on the 2 meter/144MHz and 70 centimeter/430MHz bands with a max power output of 5 watts. This is a heavy duty waterproof radio that will hold up under hard extended use. To go with our radio we will also want to get at least 2 AA battery cases and a hard case to carry extra AA batteries in. Next we want a heavy duty 1/4 wavelength 2 meter antenna with an SMA connector. I have two I use from Diamond Antenna, model number SRHF40A  and SRH320A. These are both excellent antennas. After that we come to the dilemma of keeping the unit out of the way while still being able to use it effectively. This is where a good quality Push To Talk (PTT) comes in handy.


The Avenger SingleCom tactical radio PTT adaptor is what we want. This unit is also a heavy duty waterproof piece of gear that will interface directly into the threaded audio jack on the top of our radio. The nice thing about the VX6R and its having a threaded audio jack is that once the PTT is put in place we don’t have to worry about it coming unplugged without our knowledge and missing a vital transmission.


The final piece of equipment to complete our system will be the MSA Avenger mil-spec tactical communications headset with TP120 connector. This headset is waterproof as well and not only does this function as the earpiece and mic for the com system but it is also some of the best hearing protection I have ever used. It gives you the ability to hear what’s going on around you but also blocks out harmful noise levels and keeps you from having your position compromised by an unexpected transmission. The PTT and head set both can both be purchased at SRS Tactical.


If you have an interest in communications and/or are a serious shooter I would highly recommend you pursuing and earning your technician class HAM radio license with the FCC. The equipment that I have talked about here is best suited for a tactical environment. Everything I have gone over here is top quality and therefore not cheap but it is what I consider to be essential gear and if my or my teammates lives are on the line I want the best chance of success possible.

A note on training: As with any tool or piece of equipment just having a good com set is not enough. You need to familiarize yourself with it and train with it until you are confident and proficient enough to use it in a real situation. I hope you found this article helpful and if you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment or contact us at

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