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06 Jan

Being in the industry I see a lot of different gear and setups guys are running, and as a gear head I get really into what’s trending and what the newest and coolest stuff on the market is. As such I tend to push higher end gear pretty hard because I’ve seen sub-par equipment fail and if my life is on the line I want myself and my teammates to have the best possible chance of success. That being said you don’t need to spend a fortune to put together a functional kit. There are low cost options that will still get the job done, such as lightly used surplus and the like. However I feel there are a number of items that there can be no compromise on, and for the training we are doing it poses a safety issue if the right gear is not used. So I’m going to go over a few things and then put a brief list of gear up that if you’re serious about training with us I’d like to see you have.* First off a good carbine is a must. There’s a lot of good stuff on the market when it comes to AR15s and the parts and accessories for them; I like Daniel Defense and Bravo Company.  You should also be looking into a good optic and light for it; Eotech, Aimpoint, and Trijicon make some top end optics that I would trust my life with. As far as lights go I really like Surefire and Insight. You should also be looking at 16 to 20 mags; I like the P-mags from Magpul. A sling that works well for you, back up iron sights, and a good compact cleaning kit should also be considered. * A pistol: Again with sidearms, there’s a lot of good stuff out there. I use a Glock 17. You need a good holster to go with your sidearm. I like Safariland and Blackhawk. The main thing with holsters is that they’re for your secondary weapon and therefore need to work with the rest of your kit while still being safe on the firing line. I tend to push a drop leg/hip style holster. * Plate carrier: I use an operator cut carrier from TAG. I really like plate carriers from Mayflower also. Get a set of ceramic plates that fit you; Velocity Systems makes a top-end plate that is multicurve and light.* A battle belt: It’s a lot faster to deploy a belt that is already set up with your holster mags, dump pouch, and IFAK, as opposed to having each piece individually. It also offers a low profile option if the need arises.* IFAK(Individual First Aid Kit): This is a small med kit that holds a few life-saving items that every individual should keep on their rig. This kit will include the following: 1 tourniquet, 1 Israeli bandage, 1 halo chest seal pack, 1 hemostatic agent, 1 nasopharyngeal airway, 1 14-gauze decompression needle, 2 nitrile gloves, and 1 set of trauma shears. Nothing else should go in this pouch. * Helmet: There are a few options out there, Ops Core and Crye both make top-end helmets. Otherwise a Mich will work just fine. * A good ruck sack: A 3 day patrol pack and a full-sized ruck are both essential. I personally use Mystery Ranch, Kifaru makes some awesome rucks too and you can’t go wrong with a full sized ALICE pack.  For a 3 day pack I like Camelbak or Eagle.  * Night vision: Go with a PVS 14 from ITT, 3rd generation and up. Get an aiming laser for it, the DBAL from Laser Devices will suffice as issue ones are restricted by the FDA. * Thermal  imaging:  If you can afford it, it’s amazing. I’ve only ever used stuff from Insight Technologies and I have been quite impressed by it. * Silencers: I like to use Gemtech; AAC makes some awesome cans too. * Ear protection/Head sets: I use MSA and I love them. Peltor makes some top-end electronics as well. * Radios: I use a Yaesu VX 6R; Icom and Kenwood also make top-end HAM radios.

This is by no means a comprehensive list but a short commentary on some of the things I have found to be important. If you  have any comments or questions feel free to email or message us at:  or on Facebook at: Below are the minimum requirements for a class with us:

1: Working carbine with 4 mags and 200 rds of ammo, sling and working sights.

2: Working pistol with 3 mags, 200 rds of ammo and holster.

3: Cleaning kit, multitool and combat light.

4: Boots, long pants, rain gear, shirt, hat, ear pro, and eye pro.

5: Body armor: all students must wear hard armor for all movement drills.

6:  Plate carrier/chest rig/ vest with pouches for magazines.

7: Pistol mag pouch/ holder.

8: Food and water for the day.

9: The right attitude.

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